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Serum Ferritin Test

Serum Ferritin Test:

Serum Ferritin Test measures the amount of ferritin(iron) in blood. Ferritin is the body's major iron storage protein. This test is used for conditions such as iron deficiency (not having enough iron) or iron overload (having too much of iron).

Having low iron content will lead to iron deficiency and you will become anemic and hair fall can happen too. Remember iron deficiency alone cannot be a reason for your hair fall. But it is a factor causing hair fall.

Laboratory test results may vary depending on your age, gender, health history, the method used for the test, and many other factors. If your results are different from the results suggested below, this may not mean that you have a disease. Contact your doctor if you have any questions. The following are considered to be normal results for this test:

Adult males: 30-300 ng/mL (30-300 mcg/L)
Adult females: 10-200 ng/mL (10-200 mcg/L)

If you have ferritin levels less than 30, you are prone to the above mentioned problems. To have hair regrowth, you should maintain 100 ng/mL. Ferritin levels in your body can be increased via change in diet or by having supplementary tablets.

You can take 50-60mg of supplementary tablet everyday but consult your doctor before doing so. It is also important to figure out why you are having iron deficiency. You should find out the root cause to know why you are having iron deficiency. For iron absorption, it is mandatory to have vitamin C in your body. You can take 500mg - 2000mg of vitamin C everyday. Again consult your doctor before doing so. Vitamin C is not generated by our body, it is been absorbed from the food intake. We need to take at least 9 cups of fruits to get 500mg of vitamin C.

Once you take supplementary tablets, it would take at least 3 - 4 months to see some change and it may take upto 9 months to get back to normal levels or higher levels.

Serum ferritin test in India would cost around 600 Rs.

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